How much does this cost?

OmOmbre membership is a $135 monthly subscription. There are no sneaky fees or extra charges (because we don’t like those either!) and you can cancel anytime.

How do I pay for the monthly membership?

OmOmbre processes payments through PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. 

Why doesn’t OmOmbre accept health insurance?

We don’t accept health insurance because we want to avoid the inefficiency that negotiating with health insurance requires. Also, health insurance won’t pay for OmOmbre’s innovative treatment model, including weekday and weekend instant messaging with your provider. In fact, we realized that we could save so much time and money by cutting out health insurance that we could make these modern day “house calls” more affordable, which then also improves access to care. Not only would we not have the aggravation of dealing with health insurance, neither would our patients. We think that many patients, after including the cost of co- pays, travel time, and unpredictable insurance denials, will actually find OmOmbre to be a better deal than using their insurance elsewhere. And, for the increasing number of people with health insurance policies that have high annual deductibles, the issue of accepting insurance may be moot, as an entire year’s treatment with OmOmbre may be less than your deductible. This means that, unless you had enough other medical expenses so the total exceeded your deductible, your health insurance might not kick in anyway.

Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for my monthly membership?

Yes. After you have received your monthly membership services, the monthly fee may be reimbursed by flexible spending accounts (FSAs), medical savings accounts (MSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs). If requested, your provider will provide you with a statement of services to present to your administrator as reimbursement may be sought through the FSA claim submission process. Please note that the fee cannot be paid using an FSA debit or credit card.

Is the monthly membership cost tax deductible?

For patients who itemize medical expenses on their tax returns, the monthly cost may be deductible. Check with your tax advisor if you have specific questions.

What happens when my provider is away on vacation or is otherwise unavailable?

Your provider will arrange for coverage. You will receive contact information for the covering provider as needed. Additionally, many providers will respond to patient messages when they are away.

Where are the lab tests and diagnostic screenings done?

Depending on the type of test, it will either be mailed to your home or ordered to your local lab.

What is your refund policy?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, please contact us within 30 days of payment and we’ll refund you in full. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We’d hate to see you leave but you can cancel your Membership at any time for any reason. We’ll honor your request right away. We are so sure that you’ll love this membership that we go month by month and don’t feel the need to lock you into a lengthy contract.

What pharmacy does OmOmbre use?

OmOmbre is happy to work with the pharmacy of your choice so you can pick up medications in-person with your favorite neighborhood pharmacy  Or choose a pharmacy that mail-orders them conveniently to your home. Payment for medications will be processed by your pharmacy through your insurance. If needed, your OmOmbre medical provider will fill out prior-authorizations in effort to get coverage for your medications. Since many medications nowadays are $10 or less for a month supply (sometimes a person will actually pay less than their co-pay Not using their insurance!), websites such as www.GoodRx.com can be helpful so you know the cash-pay price with coupon comparisons from pharmacy to pharmacy so you know you’re getting the best deal. 

How often am I supposed to talk to my provider?

To ensure best care, OmOmbre would like patients to plan on having at least one telemedicine visit per month with their provider. A patient is not limited to one visit per month but instead, may self-schedule additional visits online and is welcome to send a message via text to their provider in between visits. 

Is my OmOmbre provider also a therapist?

OmOmbre providers want to spend time really getting to know their patients, encouraging lifestyle modifications and providing some insight-oriented therapy. However, our expertise has more emphasis on diagnosing and prescribing. Therefore, we also often recommend patients establish care with a Psychologist or Therapist trained to meet additional therapy needs.