Our History

For twelve years, OmOmbre’s founder Nurse Practitioner Tiffany Holm, worked and learned first hand what leads to best patient outcomes and satisfaction of care by working with people within a variety of specialties-inpatient & outpatient. Specialties included Neurology at Yale New Haven Hospital, Primary Care at a Military-Tricare Clinic, Student Health at Point Loma Nazarene University, On-site Health for Cerner Employees and Psychiatry.

Consistently she saw the best results came from places that prioritized access to care, easy communication between patients and providers, continuity of care seeing Your provider at each visit, time for medical providers and their patients to really get to know each-other and regularly touching base to stay ahead of problems and maintain wellness.

The Future Of Mental Health

OmOmbre is a mental health practice online that combines cutting-edge, evidence-based care with the old-fashioned idea that spending time with patients is the best way to provide care.

Our direct care model helps us redefine what mental health care means. We are provider-led company, not paid by or influenced by insurance companies so we can prioritize care with the patient in mind offering more time and advice tailored to match your personal values and lifestyle. We’ve created a space dedicated to fostering a new kind of provider-patient relationship: one with more care, trust and that can last a lifetime.